The following are comments I received from students during courses. Learners approved my posting of their comments.

Videos helped

I thought that the Tegrity videos helped me a lot more than I thought they would, very helpful in understanding each module. Many times I’d look at all we had to do in the module and get the deer in headlights look thinking oh my gosh there’s no way I’ll be able to do all this. Then I’d watch the video and feel much better about getting the assignments done. JR / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

All I had to do was ask

I have to say that this class surely gave me a run for my money. I found it so difficult to comprehend and was so scared that my grade would reflect it! However, the instructor has been very patient with my millions of questions and constant second guessing of myself. I know that this information is crucial for my degree, and I honestly want to find a way to push myself to become a better student of research. If I could have told myself one thing before starting this class it would have been, “Take it one assignment at a time and try not to lose your mind with each one! It will be okay!” The information was put forth in a way that helped me to succeed to the best of my ability, except for the group project. The group project is on the members and not the class or instructor. JH / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

Insights for research writing

I was able to learn a lot during this course. I feel as though the thing that went the best would have to be learning to write a research paper correctly. I was given a lot of great resources and information. I have been able to save much of the resources to my computer for future reference. Even though I have written several research papers in the past this class has shown a lot more insight on what should and should not be in one and how to correctly use the information you find on a subject. KD / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

Connecting with students

What I thought went the best, once we got the hang of things, was the group work. I really enjoyed this part of the course, although it is an online class I was still able to connect with a few students. LS / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

Help available

The thing that went well in this course for me was that when I got confused or discouraged, the professor was there to help guide me and help me to better understand what the objective was. ND / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

I needed to reach out more

What went well with the course? I learned to use the calendar as my resource to keep on track with assignment due dates and was able to submit most of my assignments on time. I was not used to using an online calendar, so it was an adjustment, but nice once I became familiar with using it. Also, after I formed a relationship with classmate it ended up being helpful when asking questions about other assignments. What would you change? I would reach out to my teacher earlier in the beginning of the course when I had questions about assignments and what was required. I would also try to attend more weekly online meetings. CH / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  


Thank you for your patience this semester. I know I probably bugged you with all of my questions…lol! I really enjoyed this class and I learned some valuable information. I hope you have a great summer. SK / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

Well organized

To be honest, I am not sure what I could change in this course. As a pursuing teacher, I thought this is the way I would organize my class if this was the curriculum. I couldn’t think of anything I would do differently. Everything was well organized and easy to access. LC / PS 3143 Applied Professional Research / Arkansas Tech University  

More tools now

I learned more than I anticipated from this class and will be able to apply it in my work. I do not teach, but I do have to try to draw information from people and educate them regarding policy. I will have more tools in my toolbox going forward to be able to make my information understood. CH / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

Thank you

Thank you for an informative and applicable course with loads of great information, which will assist me greatly in my current and future employment.     I really appreciate it. ND / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

My first semester back

Dr. Prasuhn, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your critique of my PPPS.  I really appreciate the constructive criticism and the fact that you took the time to read it through and tell me where I was lacking.  Additionally, I would like to thank you for two enjoyable courses, not only in Planning for Adult Learners, but also in Applied Professional Research.  This has been an exceptional experience for me. I hope you have enjoyed yourself this semester, as have I. We still have some work left to do, but its almost over.  I just wanted to let you know that you provided me with two great, thought provoking courses, and your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your role in making my first semester back at college a great one! AL / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

Good memories

I am enjoyed the class. This is my last year. I was hoping for once I would enjoy my classes and I am. Thank you so much for making my last few classes memorable. KF / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

I learned a lot

I came into this class completely blind to the teachings of adult learning. I had never heard of most of the terminology before. I will be honest, I was completely overwhelmed at the beginning of the class. Watching the first video, I asked myself, “What did I get myself into?” As the semester has progressed, I have learned a lot and I am glad that I stuck with it. Without this class and without the Knowles and Lindeman readings, I would have never learned about program planning. I had little to no experience with creating program plans. I now how some knowledge on how to analyze the surroundings that I am in, and create the plan accordingly. I feel that I have taken more away from this class than I could have ever anticipated. I am glad that I enrolled in this class. I feel that I have learned a lot. AW / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

I have learned more than I thought I would

The readings of Knowles and Lindeman, as well as the many assignments in this class, have done well in teaching me about adult learning. While I never really considered how adult learners could learn differently, there were a lot of statements about adult learning that really made sense, such as how adult learners are motivated and encouraged to pursue categories of learning that are relevant to their interests. It has somewhat shifted my view of the learning process from a process much like that of performing a job or work activity to a process that more basically boils down to pursuing your interests. The importance of this concept shines brightly in adult learning, at least it does in my eyes. Adult learning is something undertaken not as a forced activity, but as an endeavor for personal growth. I would say I have learned more from this class than I initially would have thought I could, and for that I am thankful. BH / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

Learn and shape life

I am glad that I took this course. This class has helped me to shape my life in more ways than one….I am grateful to have learned so much in your online class. BS / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

New way of teaching

Throughout this project and this class, I have learned that I am very much an andragogy learner. It was much easier for me to complete the projects or assignments that allowed me to chose a topic or was even a topic that I found interesting. This way of learning has already started to transform the way I teach not only my employees but also my patients. Engaging them in meaningful tasks to serve their purpose and their interest yields better results overall. BG / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University  

What you don’t want to hear

We learned through Lindeman and Knowles what motivate adult learners. Through Lindeman’s key assumptions, I learned to identify what helps to motivate the adult learner. I was able to place myself in that position, so it helped me truly grasp what it was teaching. I overcame two obstacles in this class: time management and quit being so hard on myself for coming back to college at this point in my life. This class taught me how to organize my time frame on getting assignments done and being more prepared. I know that wasn’t what you expected to hear about your class, but it is true for me. I LOVE that you set us up with a calendar that sticks through the semester and doesn’t change. With that calendar, it taught me to start my week with what was due at what specific time. As an adult learner, managing a job, home, kids, husband, and now school, I needed this tool in my life. I learned to balance coursework around not missing out on any time with my family. I got to work early and went to bed late. I didn’t feel they should have to sacrifice mommy time for my “me time.” That alone has made me so proud of myself. The other obstacle it helped me with was how hard I was being on myself for coming back to college at 35 years old, with two small kids. My son has been very sick this past year. We just got out of the hospital on Friday, which was his fourth stay since almost to the day last April. In this year, numerous doctor visits as well, but we all made it work. As mad at myself as I’ve been for coming back to school right now with medical bills through the ruff, I see that everyone else in our class have the same struggles. Yes, we all have different struggles, but all here for the same purpose. We found our motivation, and we are here to succeed in our own way. A victory for me within our class is developing a new, wonderful friendship with a class and group mate. She and I share the same goals of finishing our college career strong. I do not have many friends now that I am married and busy with my family, so stepping out of that zone has given me happiness to find someone outside my circle to have a “grown-up” conversation with. This class was tough, but I took every assignment and tried to relate it my life and was usually able to come up with a situation I have had or currently have. Once I had a direction to go, I felt I on the right track with the right answer. In this course, I would give myself an A. I feel I put the time and dedication in for that grade. I feel the information I learned will stick with me. I have had courses that I was just in survival mode, but this class wasn’t like that for me at all. I was able to think through assignments and exams and group projects. My takeaway from this class is the chapter on Developing Program Goals and Objectives. I found that setting goals almost immediately will help the process run smoother. Once you’ve answered “Why are we doing this? What do we hope will change in the future?; and Why is the program worth doing?”, the process will start to make sense. It won’t just fall into place, it can be difficult. But falling back to these questions will help keep the focus and keep things going in the right direction. Thank you for such an amazing experience in this class. Your appreciation for having “adults” and their busy schedules showed. You were very positive and took time to explain and break down every assignment. I have a new respect for myself and my life goals, and I have you to thank for that. You helped me take a step back and see that. Please don’t feel as this is a suck-up student kind of thing, it is truly heartfelt. I even said these things in your evaluation, but you needed to hear them from me as well. You usually do not get to hear the positive statements from your students, so I didn’t want you miss out on the appreciation I have for you and what you are doing for college students every day in school and in life. So THANK YOU! CK / PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners / Arkansas Tech University