Who is Fred Prasuhn? The following text is far from complete a description of who I am. I do believe, however, that this brief synopsis provides you an idea of who I am.

Resume & Vita

My resume displays segments of my work history while my vita gives you a more holistic understanding of all that I have accomplished. The job titles give readers an understanding of the job skills used and the knowledge that I gained working various positions. Like others I have computer training (several learning management systems, many computer programs including Microsoft Office expert certification), and many years of experience using these skills and knowledge base. I have  project management, employee hiring and supervision, budget oversight, program development and directing, volunteer recruiting and training, and many other experiences that are essential for leadership positions. What distinguishes me from others is my philosophy of life. Simply, learning is life and life is learning.

I created 3 thematic resumes to help you learn about me:

  1. Educating, Instructing, Presenting
  2. Managing, Supervising
  3. Program Planning, Program Directing


Learning is intricately intertwined in our lives. We can choose to consciously be aware of what is about us and what we experience to become wiser and better persons. Learning should be part of our daily lives just as breathing and eating. We cannot truly grow as persons unless we are learning. We learn consciously and unconsciously. We learn from bad and good. We are beings that learn as we live. Even though there are forces that interfere with a person learning, the choice to learn allows us to gain even the smallest amount of growth and knowledge. Such a philosophy drives me to be a lifelong learner. Being able to apply all that I learn to whatever the setting what makes life and learning integrated and rich.

Perhaps an example would best situate what I hope to portray. As a McDonald’s assistant manager in charge of inventory control for the store I received training. That information included build to levels, delivery cycles, market forecasts, and promotional impacts. I learned all that I could from my supervisor and provided the best job to my ability. Years later when serving as a volunteer concessions manager for a large music festival (14,000+ attendees in addition to 1,500 volunteers), I found that my McDonald’s training and experience were valuable tools. I worked with vendors for supplies and support. I contacted and developed contracts for outside food vendors to provide service during the festival. For the first time in 15 years, the concessions part of the festival broke even, thus not requiring funds from other parts of the organization to close billing accounts. For the next three years, I worked to improve festival food concessions. During those following years concessions showed profit with better cash and inventory controls while reducing waste. I took from what I knew and transferred the knowledge to a new setting better equipping me to complete the work.

Just a Sample

The words you see on a page are only indicators of the many elements of who I am as a person, an educator, a colleague, a worker, a….   I am more than the sum of my parts. I am more than a calculated exponential result of the many factors of life and being. I am a person who hopes to make even the smallest positive impact on those I encounter and my environment. I am who I am. That is all I can be, but I strive to be the best possible me.